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I wish to combine deep

 insight into things around us to create paintings and photography that inspire and delight people.

Artist Biography
Ching Ju Tsao has a BA in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University and an MFA from the Academy of Art University. She successively engaged in creative and challenging work related to interior design, exhibition design, graphic design and photography. She also started to study meditation, participating in volunteer service in rural areas of Thailand. She believes that understanding and continuous learning of various life and cultures, can nourish the depth of artistic creation, and add tranquility and humanistic care to the presentation of art works.
In recent years, she has been inspired and nurtured by the scenes of Sonoma County. She aims to use her enthusiasm and professionalism to transform the local, seasonal, natural and colorful images of crops, fruits and flowers into intimate landscape oil paintings. Her works lean towards painterly realistic style, by combining unique brushstrokes, textures and rich colors, her ideas and creation move freely in the dimensions of realistic, impressive and expressive touches. Her series of thesis paintings are designed to evoke feelings of vitality and abundance, as well as gratitude and appreciation of beauty from nature. She is a member of California Art Club. She has exhibited her work through her local café, art school in Florence, Italy and gallery affiliated with the Academy of Art University.

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